THE ‘CRESCENT LAKE’ - Partial Conversion

Overview: The Crescent Lake offers customers the freedom to outfit their campervan to their liking, and to save money in the process. Built with the same frame as the Ein Gedi, the Crescent Lake provides kitchen, bed platform, and a lot of storage space. If you’d like to stick to a budget, receive all of the campervan essentials, and touch up your conversion with some of your DIY skills, the Crescent Lake is for you.

* Crescent Lake is an oasis in Gansu Province in North Central China


  • Kitchen

    • Stainless steel sink with 1.5 G water storage and grey water container

    • Drinking water storage space

    • Space for your 1 or 2 burner stove

    • Space for your cooler or refrigerator

    • Soft-close drawer for utensils, spices, towels, etc.

    • Large countertop

    • 3rd row stow and go storage access, under cooler (in certain models)

  • Living room

    • 3 separate storage cabinets = 10 cubic feet

    • 2 storage drawers = 2 cubic feet

  • Bed

    • Bed platform is assembled easily by 1 person

    • Bed platform is 48” x 69”-75”

  • Finish

    • We stain all cabinets with high quality penetrating stain, and finish with several coats of water-based clear coat

  • Other

    • The conversion can be removed from the vehicle, stored, and original seats can be put back in

Price: $5,000


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