THE ‘EIN GEDI’ - Full Conversion

Overview: Our premium conversion package, the Ein Gedi is your 5-Star hotel room in a minivan. It includes a full kitchen, running water, full size bed, built-in chair, dining table, privacy curtains, and heaps of storage space. If comfort, style, and ease of use are important to you, then you won’t be disappointed with the Ein Gedi.

*Ein Gedi is an oasis in Israel located to the west of the Dead Sea


  • Kitchen

    • Stainless steel sink with 1.5 G water storage and grey water container

    • Drinking water storage space and container

    • Space for your 1 or 2 burner stove

    • Space for your cooler or refrigerator

    • Soft-close drawer for utensils, spices, towels, etc.

    • Storage space for pots, pans, plates, and bowls

    • Large countertop

    • Fold-out table for additional countertop space

    • 3rd row stow and go storage access, under cooler (in certain models)

  • Living room

    • Dining room table on articulating Lagun Table Leg (~ 42” x 18”)

    • Memory Foam chair in fabric to match mattress

    • 3 separate storage cabinets = 10 cubic feet

    • 2 storage drawers = 2 cubic feet

    • Finished floor in hard wood laminate (customer can choose from several options)

  • Bed

    • Memory Foam Mattress (48” x 69”-75”) with removable mattress cover (customer can choose color and size)

    • Bed platform is assembled easily by 1 person

    • Chair back provides a place to rest your head while lying in bed

  • Curtains

    • Custom made curtains to fit your van’s windows (customer can choose from several color options)

    • Curtains are made from high quality marine canvas and cover all windows

  • Finish

    • We stain all cabinets with high quality penetrating stain, and finish with several coats of water-based clear coat

  • Other

    • The conversion can be removed from the vehicle, stored, and original seats can be put back in

Price: $8,500


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